Under Development

Any features or updates that are currently under development for the Total Realty Content Management System along with a link to the latest and past patch notes will be listed here once we start updating the system. Total Realty is brand new and was just released, therefore there is currently nothing under development. Check back frequently, as we will begin developing updates and patches as we begin getting feedback from our customers.

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Total Realty Websites and Content Management System

Total Realty gives realtors and real estate agencies the opportunity to manage their properties, agents, photos, copy and more in one, inexpensive platform designed exclusively for the real estate industry. Total Realty provides realtors and real estate agencies a dynamic website that is powered by a custom realty content management system. Your Total Realty website can be fully customized to match your existing visual identity and tailored to work with your marketing strategies. Already have a successful website? The Total Realty platform can be integrated seamlessly into your existing website to give your site the power of the Total Realty Content Management System. Every component of your Total Realty website is fully dynamic and can be customized or modified through the content management system. Total Realty is not a static product and is constantly evolving. We frequently add features to both the web interface as well as the content management system, update all of the user interfaces to be more intuitive, and do everything we can to enhance the user experience based your feedback and requests. Total Realty packages start at only $499.95 for set up/installation and come with a complete website as well as unlimited use of the content management system. There is a $49.95/month fee for content management system updates, hosting, domain renewal and management, e-mail utilizing Google's mail servers (you can use your own e-mail servers if you would like), and website updates. This is a brand new product - get in while you can for this low, introductory price! This price is not going to be around for long!

Content Management System

The Total Realty Content Management System allows you to manage your listings, agents, photos, and copy from one, easy to use, administrative panel. Simply add a new listing, or click on an existing listing to bring up the listing information panel. From here, you will be able to add or edit all of the information pertaining to the selected listing. With just one click you will be able update to immediately update your website. If you are an MOMLS user, you can simply enter your listing's MLS number and with one click all of the property's information will automatically be filled in from the MOMLS database. The listing's photos can be added, updated, or deleted from the photo panel. After selecting a property, simply click on the photo panel to edit the photos pertaining to the selected property. You can add new photos to the listing directly from your hard drive, from a digital camera, or from an external source such as a flash drive with a single click. The system will automatically resize, reorient, create thumbnails, and insert the photo into the website. You can add titles, captions, control the sort order and more from the photo manager. This is not all the system includes - It is a constantly evolving product. We constantly add features, enhance the user interface of the administrative panel, add new functionality, and implement your requests. With Total Realty, you are a part of the development!

Website Design and User Interface

Although the design of your Total Realty website is based on the framework of our Content Management System, it is extremely flexible and customizable. We can take your existing visual identity or existing site and build upon it with our graphic design team and affiliates at MEC Machine. Our graphic design team strives to give you a product that is clean and easy to use yet provides enough features and interaction with the user to make your site unique and up to date. We apply our Design Process when creating all of our Total Realty websites.

Search Engine Optimization

We take search engine optimization and accessibility seriously with Total Realty, and ensure that every site we construct is fully visible and indexable by any search engine (generally conforming to the strictest design standards, HTML 4.01 Strict). Even when we implement Flash Elements, we incorporate the newest Flash Replacement Methods to build an HTML composite of the Flash Element. Rest assured that 100% of your audience will be able to access and gather information on your website, regardless of the type of device being used. Moreover, through the interlinking of our large client network of websites and affiliates, we enhance your search engine placement.

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