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Niobium Studio Website Design

Niobium Studio has been designing websites for more than 7 years. We have developed a Full Flash solution complete with content management, that is optimized for search engines and allows 100% accessibility with cell phones and screen readers.

Alternatively, our HTML designs conform to the strictest standards while still maintaining the most professional look.

Our Website Design Process

Your website needs to supply you with instant credibility. At Niobium Studio, we make sure you get the one on one expertise you deserve.

We assess your target audience, cultivate your message, and deliver within the confines of the best suited technical requirements. Our designers and developers work closely to ensure that your online presence pushes the limitations of expression, while remaining structurally sound and accessible.

Search Engine Optimization

We take search engine optimization and accessibility seriously at Niobium Studio, and ensure that every site we construct is fully visible and indexable by any search engine (conforming to the strictest design standards, HTML 4.01 Strict). Even when we create full Flash Designs, we incorporate the newest Flash Replacement Methods to build an HTML composite of the site. Rest assured that 100% of your audience will be able to access and gather information on your website, regardless of the type of device being used. Moreover, through the interlinking of our large client network of websites and affiliates, we enhance your search engine placement.

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