Server Specifications

  • Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon Processors
  • Hardware RAID 1 Mirroring
  • Dual Gigabit Network
  • Custom Application and Access
  • Dedicated Servers

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Cliff Palace Ruins, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Niobium Studio Web Hosting

Unlike larger "One Size Fits All" hosting companies, Niobium Studio provides custom hosting for your website, e-mail, databases, custom applications, and even game servers. We have multiple servers located at the secure NAC data center in Newark, New Jersey, all with state of the art hardware.

Our servers are managed by hand. This means that we can install any applications you need, and make custom configurations to meet your requirements.

E-Mail Services

We strongly suggest using Google's Mail Servers with your domain. It is totally free, and we can set up and manage an unlimited amount of e-mails on their servers for you. Google provides better spam protection and reliability than any other mail service provider. If you choose us, we will make all of the necessary configurations that support a seamless transfer all of your e-mail and files to the new platform.

File and Data Backup

To ensure that your data and files are never lost due to hardware or software failure, we mirror your data both on the software level between servers, and on the hardware level through RAID 1. This double backup guarantees that no matter what happens, you will never lose your data.

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